Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer... it goes on...

Memorial Day

My grandpa's parents' graves. 

My grandpa and his miniature. 

BBQ with this cute little bug..

We're not crazy.... 

really...... we're not

Mom's first ponytail.... :)

She loved it. 

How many trips to get ice-cream can you go on in six weeks?


The only rule.
You MUST sing at the top of your lungs. 
and dance / whip your hair

Perfect weather for sleeping outside. :)

or the new bunks in the camper...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

...Summer Lovin...

Can you say.... living the dream?!
I feel like a high school kid on summer vacation again. :):)

But I have heard that the three reasons teachers love their job are: June, July, and August.... soooo I guess we'll see how much I like the job once school actually starts. :)

I ended the school year with this great group of girls... 

Softball at Highland was a blast, and probably the reason I was able to land a job teaching at Highland for the coming 2014-2015 school year. 

In May, right about the time softball season ended and I graduated from Utah State, I signed the line and it became official. 

Newest English teacher at Highland... 

Then summer started.
Like I said. Living the dream.
I keep waiting to wake up. :)
Which I have a feeling will happen on August 25th, when school starts.


Corn Hole Champ

My "I-just-ate-alligator" face. :)

Ran into some friends.
Enjoyed some karaoke. :)

Harry Potter Trivia Champs. :) Oh yeah.

Good first vacation of the summer.