Friday, November 8, 2013

..Mmm Childhood...

"A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men."
--Roald Dahl

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lady in.... Green?

A couple weekends ago, this pretty lady came to visit me in Salt Lake. 

If you are not familiar with Snap Chatting, please forgive the message and countdown in this picture. I couldn't help but screenshot it. It's a favorite of her! :):)

After experiencing an exciting night in cinderblock heaven...

Sorry about the bad pictures.. the lighting is about as impressive as the walls.
But I couldn't help myself. This captures the dance-filled, youtube-watching night we had before going dress shopping on Friday.

As I was saying...
After a night in cinderblock heaven,
we hit the town with one goal in mind:
A dress for PREFERENCE!!
(Carbon County's version of homecoming...)

Pre-Shopping Glam Shots

Can you believe this girl is almost 17?!?!!?
I can't.
Taylor Bug is all grown up. :):)

And even though we can now share clothes, I am STILL the tallest girl in the Oliver family. And always will be. (Sorry Lex, you're not even in the running! ;))
I must be slouching a bit in the above pics BTW... it can't be fairly judged by them! ;)

Three malls and a bazillion dress stores later....

I'd say we were pretty successful.

It was so fun spending the weekend with her to find this dress.
And those shoes!!!! :)

I met my mom in Provo to drop off the diva, and we decided to see a movie before parting ways.

We were looking for a chick flick, and the only movie playing that remotely seemed to be within our desired genre was Austenland. It's based on a book written by a Utah author. I had read the book, and wasn't thrilled with the choice, but I'm so glad we went.

If you want a good laugh... see this movie!
We were cracking up the entire time.
Seriously.. the entire time.
Us and the rest of the woman-packed audience. There must have been a "no boys allowed" sign that we missed somewhere. There wasn't a deep chuckle to be heard!

It was such a FUN weekend.
I'm so glad this punk came to visit!

The very next weekend, I went to see her in her Broadway Review.
Poor gimp in her knee brace!
It sure made it easy to find her on stage though. :):)

And I am seriously impressed with the performing arts program at Carbon!
It was such a fun night!
We were singing songs from beloved musicals the rest of the weekend!

She's the one on the right: hot pink dress, shoulder pads...
oh yeah, that's her. :)

(Don't worry about the skewed picture... I struggle)

Two fun weekends.
One pretty awesome family.
Love them. :)