Friday, August 24, 2012


Before school started this year, we were able to take a little vacation with my family.  

We went to visit Cameron and Katie in Bowling Green, Ohio. 
(Where they have lived for the past two and a half years.)
We wanted to make it before they moved, and we did.......barely.
In fact, Cameron had actually been living in Montana for a few weeks, and he flew back to meet us in Ohio.  The movers came to get the rest of their stuff the day before we left.  It's not reeeeallly our fault.  Cameron got the job in Bozeman after we had already booked plane tickets!  And we only booked them so late in August so we could see his graduation...
But still.. close call. :)

We flew in on a Thursday and most of the day was spent in transit and adjusting to the time  difference.  We flew into Detroit and hopped on a shuttle that took us to a place where we rented our trusty mini van for the trip!

Here is us on the shuttle.
You can tell it was the first day:
 I was extremely camera-happy
and we're all pretty excited for a shuttle ride.

Dad and his stack of trusty travel papers... literally... STACK! :)

Glasses off next time?......yeah...

This is our first of MANY trips in the van... :)

That night we ate at a classy little place called Frickers and tried their famous 
Fricken Chicken Chunks

On Friday, Cameron drove us around Bowling Green, showing us his stomping ground.
We got to see just how much of a desert Utah really is.
Not to mention all of the various sports arenas, fields, and courts where Cameron worked at Bowling Green State University. (BGSU)

This is the Stroh Center.  The brand new basketball arena where the falcons (NOT eagles) play basketball. 

Practice Court

Football field with the Stroh Center in the background.

Dad posing for the camera.

We really spent way too much time in this van!!
Taylor didn't actually have a real seat the whole time..
And someone... who will remain nameless... had a hard time staying in her seat!!

We went out to eat at a place (forgot the name) that served amazing stuffed breadsticks!
So good in fact that legal rights for the recipe were being fought over. :)

While we were sitting at dinner, who appears on the TV in front of us...?
Apparently he's famous and just forgot to mention it.
BGSU has a partnership with Wood County Hospital and Cameron did a cameo in their commercial.  Throughout the week, we saw it multiple times as we were watching the Olympics!  Honestly.  It was pretty cool.  Here's a link to the YouTube video of it.

(Cause I'm not cool and don't know how to directly upload it.)

That night, we went to a Toledo Mud Hens game.
Fifth Third Field and Packo's (the restaurant across the street) are apparently famous if you've seen the movie, MASH.  Unfortunately, I haven't.
Luckily, it didn't ruin the experience for me. :)

The original four! :)

Saturday, we went to Cameron's graduation.
He officially has his MBA from BGSU.

Not sure what happened here.....

(PS: No straight hair in humid Ohio for me..)

That night, Cam and Katie put on a BBQ for Cam's graduation.  
Katie's cooking was excellent; it tasted like it was professionally cooked. :)  
Especially the cupcakes!

Then later, there were tornado warnings!
I tried to take a picture of it out our hotel window, but I couldn't quite capture it.

Monday, we went to Cedar Point..
hereafter known as the amusement park that put Lagoon to shame..
Lagoon is a kiddy park!
Seriously though...

It's right next to Lake Erie... beautiful.

This was the tallest ride in the park.
The Dragster!
This picture just doesn't do it justice!
And everybody went on it!
Luckily, we didn't look at how bad the bars shook on the bottom until after we had already been on it. :)

After a full 12 hours at the park, we grabbed an ice cream and called it a night.

Taylor's designated seat on the ride home.

On Tuesday, we drove to Cleveland.
We visited the Kirtland Temple and saw a Cleveland Indians game.

Taylor taught us how to dance to "Call Me Maybe" on the way.

Some of the newest converts to the church were baptized in this river.

Newel K. Whitney's store..
Almost all of it was original!

Kirtland Temple

Cleveland Indians game...
big difference between minor and major league.
Way neat! :)

it was a great trip.

I missed some of the highlights...
namely, our game of frisbee golf..
but I'm waiting for my mom and Alexis to send the pictures.
(If you're reading this, consider that a subtle hint.)

Sorry for the long post!!!!!!