Monday, February 21, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship

Let me tell you a little about something that
I love...
and Hate

Oh yes it is possible.

For instance...
I love waking up to this view in the morning

but I hate scraping these windows!

I love making SNOWMEN!!

But I haaaate driving on these!!

Happy late snow!!!
Hope it melts soon!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We have a future!!

So remember that interview Nick had about a week ago?!?

Well lets put it this way..

Pharmacy school is officially a definite part of our future!


Now one more interview to go..
And one BIG choice to make!! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Late Night Update...

So just a quick update on our lives...

Yesterday (Thursday) Nick interviewed at USN in South Jordan!!
His first interview for Pharmacy school!
Wish I had pictures.. but my camera died right after we left! :(
Sad story...

These next couple of years hold some exciting possibilities for us!
By the end of May we will have made some pretty big decisions..
Where are we moving?
Going to school?
How long?
Masters program?

It feels like we are just entering what is a going to be a pretty long tunnel to pass through. Forget seeing the light at the end, we are barely entering.

Today I met with some of my distance ed. professors IN PERSON! :) woo hoo! haha
We got to sit down..
get to know each other..
chat about our lives..
You know :)
My absolute favorite teacher and mentor gave me some advice...
"Go where your heart is pulling you"
Simple right.
but EXACTLY what I needed to hear!

Then I was reading through some things and I found the second helpful nudge I needed..
In the words of Robert Frost:
"The best way is through."

So tonight I'm feeling ready to take on the world!
Long tunnel of work and school here we come!!
And we're headed straight through!