Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tribute to Bayloaf 4

This past Saturday we traveled up North with most of the Cox family to watch Chris play bass in his band:  Bayloaf 4

It was in a beautiful park; complete with a stream (or stream bed), amphitheater, and a competing ward party.
Bayloaf 4 did awesome! They played Jimmy Eat World, "Johnny Be Good" (Overboard anyone!?), Neil Diamond, Cake, and much more! 

The worst part of it all is that I somehow deleted all but one of the pictures I took!! :( Sad Story.  The consequences of not understanding the world of technology!

So enjoy the one and only surviving picture: 

Nick, Chris, his purple bass, and Bennett hiding out in the background. :)

I found a straggler! :D (3 hours later) haha
No words............ :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just another week...

Our week so far has flown by uneventful...
Nick studying for the PCAT.
Cook spaghetti.
Clean a little.
Toasted cheese sandwiches.
Visit family.
Ruin some home made rolls. :)
Volleyball and Corn Hole Toss with friends.
Attempt to take a picture with Nick..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday Lex!

Alexis turned 18 on August 4th! 
Happy Birthday! :)
Out to eat!
Tried to fit us all in.. Sorry mom! :)
Austin, Lex, Nick, Me
Mom distracted this side of the table! :)
Mom, Dad, Taylor

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Already a terrible blogger :)

Hello again all...
Established a blog 3 weeks ago...
Only barely finishing my first official post...
Oops! :)
Going to have to work on that!! :)

July 15th!
 Grandparent's 50th Anniversary
 Mom (and her twin sister's) Birthday
Trip to Provo! :) and a HUGE family dinner at Golden Corral

Sadly I didn't take any pictures of the dinner :( But it was a BLAST! It was so neat to have the family all together! :) Personally, my favorite part was when my dad led the younger adults and even smaller children in trying to pop a balloon on the ceiling, using a straw and a toothpick! :)  Loved it!

Well the dinner was obviously in the evening, so Nick and I decided to make a whole day of our necessary trip up North.  A smart choice, as any small-towner would agree. :)

First... we started with my MRI in the morning at University of Utah Hospital.  Start with the worst first of course! 

 ~Quick MRI's for Dummy's: 
it stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging 
and it is essentially a way to see your insides 
in amazing detail.

So basically, they stick an IV in my arm, strap me to a board and roll that board (with me on it) into the middle of a big machine like this one. --->

No better way to see how a heart is working than to monitor it while strapped down, shoved in a small hole, and scared by sudden movements and random loud noises! :)

Next we decided to try and be good by making time for a temple trip!
We wanted to go to the beautiful Salt Lake Temple...
-Photography by Nick :)
But.... We got turned away.. No seriously we did...
Closed for cleaning?! What is that!? haha :)
No worries... We were righteous enough for the Jordan River Temple! :)

Then dinner and a long, sleepy drive back to good ol' Spring Glen :)

July 24th!
Moon Lake with the Olivers! :)

Upon arrival, dad was engrossed in an intense matching game with my cousin Makayela.  :)

The best part of camping! Relaxing!
Drama Queen!
The Lake :)
Whitney - "Oh let me get a picture of this!"
Kade - "That was awkward"

Well I didn't plan on it, but I definitely think this blog was long enough to make up for not blogging!! haha
Happy Reading/Viewing! :)