Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Royalty in the Fam...

This past week was Homecoming for Carbon...


Lex was in the running for Homecoming Queen!

Her handsome escort 
Showing some leg! :) ow ow!
And the results are...

1st Attendant!!

The football game...

Presenting your 2010 Carbon Royalty 

Her most handsome escort..

The Devoted Fans
He deserves this picture on here.. trust me!
(It was the most normal one he would take!) :D

Congrats Lex!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

One week down... How many years left...?

We went back to school last Monday and it has been a busy week to say the least. 

An update on USU-CEU.
Lets not pretend. It is still Utah State Extension and College of Eastern Utah. Two different schools that are not yet merged in any sense of the word! 
However, on a positive note, I was worried about taking broadcast classes and am happy to report that I LOVED them! I was extremely nervous when I arrived at my first class Monday evening to find that I would be the only student from Price! Literally. In all but one of my classes, I am the only one in the room! (A room the size of a closet no less!) haha  Other than feeling silly when I make a comment, because I am talking to a television screen, it is not half bad.  I feel very involved and connected with the class. The discussions have been amazing and I am excited for this year!  Classes are a whole lot more interesting when you are past general ed!

On a less exciting note...
Nick and I spent our entire Friday evening working on homework!?! 
Who does that?! haha :)
In my excitement for school I may have forgotten the work load that comes along with it.
Not to mention that somebody should have warned me that teaching English is not a good choice! I like to read, but the amount of assigned reading is....... well lets just say I like to read and I am drowning in it! haha :)

Over all... 
It is nice to be back to a set schedule.
It is nice to be back on campus and seeing people again.
The homework may be overwhelming but the discussions are worth it.
I am still happy that school has started again.

Our annual back to school picture! haha Taken Monday morning before we left the house of course.  Can't start breaking tradition! :)
Notice the shout out to Bowling Green University! (Just for you Cam!)