Monday, December 2, 2013


I must be a pretty obsessive person, because I have become consumed with something.......again.

Our Stake issued a challenge to do a little family history work and find a family member's name to take to the temple. This was the beginning of November. Since then, I have learned so much about my heritage. From my ancestors who lived long ago to my own grandparent's stories. 

Loving it!

Especially because I've been acutely reminded that I only have so much time to hear my grandparent's personally tell me their stories: their memories, their opinions. My only regret is that I didn't start before my Grandpa Oliver passed away... 

In the spirit of family history... here's a quick peek into my heritage. :)

My Mom:

My Mom's Mom:

My Mom's Dad:

My Dad:

(Gotta love those curls) :)

My Dad's Mom:

My Dad's Dad:

Apparently my grandpa didn't get pictures taken of him by himself when he was younger, but he's a little younger in this picture with my grandma.

And just for the fun of it....
Here is a picture of Nick's dad (blue suit) on a date with my aunt. 

(I needed to post this picture just so everyone can appreciate those stylish suits!)

And here is a picture of Nick's Aunt, Nick's Mom, my Aunt, my Mom. (plus one other neighbor) They were the baton twirlers in a local parade. :)

Gotta love coming from the same small town. :):)

Now I'm tempted to post a million pictures and tell their stories. (Nope, not obsessive at all) ;) But I'll hold off.... for now...