Monday, January 24, 2011

More like 5 Hour HIGH!! ;)

Ever had one of these?

Me either.
That is until today.
I knew it was going to be a pretty long day...
Early start at 5 AM
Class until 10:30
So hey... I figured lets try this baby out...........
Well you should probably know that I don't regularly drink caffeine as it is
And WOoOoooO have I had a night!
I'm buzzing...
Pretty sure I'm floating..
My computer screen is moving very unnaturally..
I'm shaky!
and I itch!!
Not natural!
Not to mention I am SWEATING like crazy..
Oh I have the pit stains to prove it!!
.....but who wants to see that?! haha
You're just going to have to trust me on this one! ;)
I am absolutely not one teensy bit sleepy!!!

PS Pomegranate for better taste?!?!
It does not taste good...
Try 5 hour bad-taste-in-mouth!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I really wanted to do this about 20 days ago.... haha
So I'm a little late.. story of my life I swear!! ;)
The end of 2010 (And a great RS lesson.. haha) made me realize what a BIG year it was for us..

Here is a quick sum up....

The year started off with our engagement!
This is the FAKE proposal!!
(In retrospect, I really should have seen it coming... Nick being cheesy and stereotypical?!? ha!) :)

The actual proposal!
Much better... lol

We both graduated from CEU in May!!

Valedictorian Nick was not lined up with us because he was kickin it with the big wigs on the stage... (Probably practicing his speech... stolen from Michael Scott...) ;)
I did in fact go to the temple some day... in early June..
Because we were MARRIED!!!!
June 5, 2010 :)

This is my FAVORITE picture of my dress!!
(That is how it made it on the blog) :)

I learned how to make bread... Using my RED kitchen aide...
Thank you Kim!! haha :)
(And the rest of the Cox girls for the kitchen aide)

One of my very few steps toward becoming Mrs. Susie Home Maker herself!

Nick became the ultimate Super Smash Brothers Champion
(in 2 out of 3 "friendly" competitions)

I got accepted to Utah State University!!

AND we both received scholarships!! Woot Woot!
I learned just what it means to be a distance education student...

Life then slowed down.. or became less fun and more busy with school... however you want to look at it..
Beginning in August, books and homework became our lives!!

But it did pay off... we both came out of the semester doing alright!

2011 is looking like another two semesters full of books
However, we are looking at a change of address..
Yes, it's true, in August we will be introduced to life in the city.
Specifically, this city, Salt Lake City

We're just waiting on a decision from either of these two schools....

(Located in South Jordan)

Hurray for new beginnings!
Cross your fingers for us!! :)

Until next time...
(Which will probably be in quite a while!)